About me?

A Freelance Full-time Video Editor and Digital Content Specialist

I love what I do,
& It’s my passion.

Hi, My name is Mahfuz A. Sonet.
I'm a freelance video editor and digital content specialist with nearly a half decade's worth of experience working across everything from the digital and social media content, website content, music video, youtube videos, stage performance video, sound mixing, masking videos, greenscreen removal, cleanups, and short-feature film editing.

As a freelancer, I work with a wide range of clients, from solopreneurs to fitness trainers, producers to directors, CEOs, C-level executives, and managers of different companies, as well as their communication and marketing teams. Helping them gain momentum and grow their content.

My goal is to help them not only by providing ideas but also by providing them with the Editing plan, timeline, execution plan, and accountability.


Video Editor and Digital Content Specialist

Expertise in Video Editing

I am very much comfortable working on Adobe Suits.

I edit videos based on the client’s requirements and provide my insights. That helps content to stand out from the crowd.

Self Employed | Mahfuz A. Sonet ||
Freelance Video Editor ||
Remote Work ||

Over the years, I have gained different types of Video Editing techniques and skills.

One of my focused areas is Visual effects like Tracking, Rotoscoping, Keying, Paint out/ removals. But I also edit regular videos like music videos, fitness videos, talk shows, zoom chat videos, interviews, and many more.

My primary video editing workflow starts with Adobe platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Audition. Sometimes I use Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve depending on the client’s requirements.

Software I Use

Premier Pro
After Effect
DaVinci Resolve

Expertise in Digital Media

Maintaining the trends in social media and implementing new ideas is my other expertise in the digital media field. My team and I maintain our client's every media channel when needed.

Employment | Teamwork
Digital Media

My team and I try to focus on engaging more audiences on our client's media channels.

We have a good record of keeping our client’s websites and social media up to date. We always focus on quality service and we follow the standard level.

Media we provide support

Instagram (Depends)
Tiktok (Depends)

I'd love to hear from you
about your upcoming project.